a non-profit film institute based in San Jose.


The Cinequest Institute is the producer of the Cinequest Film Festival, held every year in San Jose. Cinequest's philosophy is centered around "empowering the Maverick" filmmaker by expanding the market for independant cinema.

Festival DetailsEdit

The Cinequest Festival is held over the months of Febuaray and March each year. Cinequest bills itself as a "discovery festival of films and technology forums".

Cinequest DistributionEdit

Begun in 2007, Cinequest Online is the Cinequest Institute's foray into online based video distribution. The website offers DVDs and digital download.

Location/Contact InformationEdit

P.O. Box 720040
San Jose CA 95172-0040
(408) 995-5033 Phone
(408) 995-5713 Fax

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