everything and everyone has a price.


Craigslist is an online classified ad and bulletin board service run by the Sunset district company of the same name. Anything and everything can be found for sale, trade, free, or barter on the list. However, as well-moderated as craigslist is, the quality of the conent is completely dependant on the community.

Filmmaker ServicesEdit

The following sections of craigslist are of particular interest to Bay Area filmmakers:

  • gigs>crew- posts for and by cinematograpgers, videographers, sound recordists, electricians, and grips
  • gigs>talent- auditions and other talent related requests
  • jobs>tv/film/video- from on-air talent to positions at post-production facilities


As well known as craigslist is, filmmaking is not the site's focus. Professionals and dedicated amatuers are tapped into other resources, so the portion of the film community that relies on craigslist may not be as knowlegdable or committed as those tapped into other veins.

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