A non-profit organization that provides training, funding, exhibition, and other services to independent filmmakers.


Headquartered in San Francisco and sporting around 3,000 members who work in film, video, and multimedia, the Film Arts Foundation (FAF) is the largest regional organization of independent producers in the country.

Filmmaker Training & ServicesEdit


FAF offers educational courses along the follwoing tracks:

  • Producing- fundraising, business
  • Production- camera orientations, mise-en-scene, auditioning actors, etc.
  • Post-production- Audio and Video editing, DVD authoring
  • Screenwriting- screenplays, treatments, and story structure


  • Equipment Rentals- a wide range of professional film and video equipment is availible for rent to members and non-members alike.
  • Grants- for development, completion, and exhibition of independant film/video work.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship- program that allows individual projects to become eligible for funding normally distriubuted only to non-profit organizations.
  • Online Database- members only resource on fubding, festivals, and other opportunities.


FAF offers a variety of membership options, ranging from the $35 student subscriber membership up to a $2500 "Auteur" membership which includes a tax-deductible donation. Discounts on facility/equipment rentals and classes begin with the $65 "Filmmaker" level of membership. Membership fees are charged annualy/bi-annualy).

Release PrintEdit

Published bi-monthly, Release Print features interviews with independent filmmakers, coverage of film festivals, articles about trends in independent filmmaking, and the Independent Film Pages- a source of information on festivals, funding and other opportunities.

Location/Contact InformationEdit

145 Ninth Street, #101
San Francisco, CA 94103
(Cross-street: Mission)
(415) 552-8760 Office
(415) 552-0882 Fax
(415) 552-8760 Equipment/Editing Facility

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